New to this ( and any! ) forum

Hi Everybody,

I have been running a one-woman window cleaning service in rural Canada for about 7 years. I bought the business from someone who ran it as a part-time venture, and have built it up to be a full-time job March through September/October. Mostly teaching myself how to run a business, and have gotten many valuable tips from the WCR forum too. I still feel there is lots for me to learn, but I’m very shy about posting questions. Took me a year to get this far! Here’s to taking the plunge…


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Howdy Jen,

Good to have another Canadian here, do you know Mark Strange ? He’s a major member here with great videos about tools, and he’s also Canadian,Toronto ! So your getting snow already eh ? Go ahead and ask any kind of questions I’m sure there are lots of good members who’ll give you their thought on them !

Again it’s great having you here !

Dangerous Dave2u

Welcome fellow Canadian! Working hard in Montreal!

Welcome, Jennifer.

Welcome to the forum Jennifer! Please feel free to IM me if you have any questions. I’m passionate about helping people in this industry.

Welcome, Jen. Don’t ever feel shy about questions that will get answers helping you advance.
Ask away and share your experiences.

Jennifer, take advantage of the experiences the members have to offer. A lot of us enjoy answering any questions or directing ppl to searched threads.

welcome Jen…women window cleaners rule!!! dont be shy, ask away -these guys and gals are great here

I think women window cleaners named Sharen Rule!

Glad you posted. I’m a Canadian transplant. Originally from Edmonton. Welcome


Hi Jen! I am looking for some inspiration and help from other women window cleaners. Any chance you can jump on the phone with me? -Alyssa!

Welcome Alyssa!

Hi Alyssa,

I’m a sales representative for WCR. Hit me up with any questions. No reproaching here!:blush:
FB Messenger: Jordie Kat Palanzi

My YT Channel:

Hello people
Starting up business for a second time have been doing window cleaning in Australia for 10 years recently moved to Greece ready to start business in about 2-3 weeks
Hardest part was getting all pro equipment here had to buy everything from overseas cost me a small fortune in shipping
Feel lucky to have found you will be using all your knowledge TIA

Hi there welcome!

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Welcome aboard! Great to have you.:blush:

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