New to window cleaning: Zadia Window Cleaning

Good morning everybody,

My wife and recently decided to start up a window cleaning business. We’ve done commercial and residential cleaning for awhile, and window cleaning seems to be a good direction to go next. I was very happy to find the Window Cleaning Resource and have been browsing for awhile. There seem to be a lot of very friendly and helpful people in the community. I’m looking forward to learning a lot. We just purchased some start up gear (hip-buckets, 16" channels w/ handle, 18" scrubbers, huck towels) and we’re looking forward to hitting the streets and finding our first job.

We’re based in Aurora, Colorado. I’m working on the website , and hopefully should have it up in the next week or so. In the meantime, our Facebook page is at .

Please feel free to shoot any tips or advice my way. I’m always happy to learn, and any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Zack & Lydia Ward
Zadia Window Cleaning

Welcome Zack and Lydia. Good luck in your new venture. This is a great place to learn everything about window cleaning.



Nice to have you! I’m in Castle Rock, so if you ever need help with anything please let me know!


Welcome aboard! TJGibson8 and I are a husband and wife team of sorts :slight_smile:


We are thinking about offering a gutter cleaning service, but currently we don’t have all of the required equipment. We’re starting on a shoestring, and so far we have gear to clean ground floor windows, but no ladder. We do have a pole for using in a pinch.

Too bad, RHG Products hosted a free all-day event down in Castle Rock two months ago.

25 minutes from you.

Welcome. I just gave you a little facebook boost.

With both of you hitting the streets to get work you can really encourage one another to keep it up. It takes considerable work and patience to get where you see momentum build. Remember to encourage one another and you will see you have a great asset and advantage to many one person outfits. Best of luck and read as much as you can.