New Truck Setup! In the words of Pedro... My wildest Dreams have come true after 17 years in business

Hey all… After years and years I finally have my dream setup for crew, efficiency and productivity!

Let me know what you think or anything that may improve it even more!!! JB


Nice work! Thats a sweet set up!

Wow great pump box setup. Sweet

Nice set up !! Are you upstate somewhere ?
What size tank you rolling with ?

North of Albany - Saratoga area… That is a 40 gal RV tank with a 5GPM booster to keep it running with 2 WFP

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Knew that was a Saratoga #. My Mom lived up there for 10 plus year. “Pyramid Pines “. Many of good times up in that area. Carolina Street !! :beers:. The August place to be !

Wow 40 gallons to run 2 pumps is small. I would up that to atleast 100.

Yes I know right where that’s at… a friend used to live in there! =) We do a lot of commercial window cleaning on broadway.

I usually only run 1 pole, but yes I may have to bump it up… I can adjust my GPM on the flow to save some water as well.

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Is that an inverter you are charging your batteries with? Tell me about it?

No inverter there, (i just charge them every 3 days) but that is a great idea!

Do I Just run the inverter from my truck battery?

Yes !

The RO he has produces 1/2 gpm. With the booster he will get closer to 1 gpm. Each pump with the flow control can be set to pump less than 1/2 gpm per pole. If he arrives with 40 gallons and hooks up to water and fills the tank as he is working he should be able to stay ahead of the tank. Doing residential he should be fine. I helped him with this build and this is a good way to use the Xero Pure as a mounted unit.


Yes I tested this the other day and all good with 2 poles!