New Uniforms

A friend of ours does embroidery and she did our new uniforms. Here’s some pics.

Very nice! And a great looking logo!

A few more pics.

Almost forgot the patch for my winter hat.

Looking great Tony !

I really like the looks he achieved on the squeegee trail, very realistic

;)Really cool and professional job man! Good thing about embroidery as opposed to silk screening is they last forever. Getting good shirts to last as long as the patch…another story. I got a quote for my logo and theres like over 40,000 stitches- its gonna be WAY too much money for me. I would love to have hats.

They look great man. Congradulations.

Lookin good. Im working on our uniforms as well.

Hate to say this Tony, but “cleaning” is not spelled correctly on your shirts and hat…

Other then that, they look awesome. I’m looking to get some done. I have some good polo shirts, small logo on the front chest, and then a huge logo on back. It’s great for commercial, but I feel it’s overkill on a lot of residential jobs. I’d prefer just a smaller logo on the chest like yours.

I’ve been looking at They have some amazing deals on their. So amazing I’m wondering what the catch is. Anybody use this company and know what the deal is? Maybe I’m missing some sorta fee or hidden charge, or just completely not understanding the pricing.

Just kidding about “cleaning” Tony… lol. How long did you look though? It looks great!

Very funny Micah.:stuck_out_tongue: I nearly broke my toe rushing over to my hat to check it before I read the rest of your post.:o

I hope Tony gets you back real good for that one Micah. hell, I damned near fell for it too and I was like “Oh no, poor Tony!” :mad: :confused: :o :p:)


I just saw your question about Queensboro, here is what I have to say.

I am very pleased with them, I got the lowest cost shirts and hats they have but still very high quality. I have had them for about a month with several washes and they are still looking good. I don’t know how Queensboro can price them so low, especially compared to the other guys, but it looks like the quality is there. I got 6 shirts and 6 hats for about $80. I was able to take advantage of some close out stock so the price was lower.:slight_smile:

They look great Tony! What about pants? Are you wearing nice jeans or are you going with uniform style pants?

Nice jeans (insulated jeans in the winter) and cargo shorts (denim) in the warmer months.

Haha Michah, that was funny.

Tony, sweet shirts!

Thanks Doug. The friend that does them for us is very good at what she does. She also did John Webb’s new shirts as well. They turned out awesome as well.

Yeah, I love my new shirts! She did a fantastic job!

I just ordered from Queensboro. I got 6 shirts and a couple of hats just to try them out, make sure the sizes and logo look good. It was right under $100 bucks - free shipping too.