New Use for Old Squeegee Rubber

I have a piece of high-end rolling luggage. Unfortunately, one of the wheels had been stripped down to the hard plastic. It still rolled but was annoyingly loud.

Rather than send it out for repair, I came up with an idea to use a squeegee rubber as a retread. I cut off the raised part of the rubber so I was left with just a flat piece. I then cut the length to the circumference of the wheel and glued it on.

It worked better than I hoped. The wheel rolls beautifully and is even quieter than the other one.

There might be some money in this.

Retreads. Repurpose, Recycle, Renew.

In that case…I got a bunch of old rubber for sale! :slight_smile:

Lots of uses for worn out squeege rubber. Punch hole in each end, add “S” hooks and you have a tie down. Add strip down each long side of your tool box and it will stop sliding around and be quieter. Same for other items in your truck or van. Limitless possibilities. My neighbors use up most of my worn out rubbers after I showed them how I use them.