New Van Wrap

Hi everyone. I havent been on here in a while, but thought I’d say hi and put up a couple pics of our new van lettering design. Let me know what you think!

Hillarious! I totally planned on having a battered bird as a mascot/logo for my business as well. Mine was going to have a cast on it’s leg, a crutch under one wing and the other in a sling and big black eye though. The van wrap looks nice. And I really like the comic-book style font your business name is printed in.

It sure is “Different”. I like the colors

Very nice, I think you will get noticed a lot with that eye catching design.

I love it. Really catches your eye. I wonder if it would make nature lovers concerned about the potential harm to our feathered friends :). I just cleaned a house for a lady who had bird feeders all over her property. After we were done cleaning her windows, she put up these semi transparent vinyl bird decals over all her windows to prevent birds from flying into them.