New WC here

Hi all, new to window cleaning and these forums have been a great resource for all the questions I have; however, i do have one more question, if i can get some help.i have been using a microsoft template to do my invoices, but i will like to get something more professional. does anyone knows where can i find a file that i can use as invoice.

Thank you.

Create one in Photoshop, after watching this free video, and completing the free downloadable worksheet:


I create my forms in excel. I decided what I wanted my form to look like and then I used excel to format it. I save it as a “blank form” and when I type in information I “save as” JoeSmith or JaneDoe or whoever my customer is and my original is still a blank form or template

yeah, I do almost everything in photoshop…it’s very cool.

worth the CDs weight in platinum! My business would be completely different without it. That thought makes me almost get sick!:eek: