NEW WCRA Members Benefit launching right now

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]We have already started funneling leads from the RFP service into the members area of the forum. By next week they will also be displayed on the side of the site in a little widget for super easy viewing by WCRA members. I have been going through the available leads the past couple of weeks and there are some serious projects being put out there for bid. The WCRA is hard at work to get you more business today.[/FONT][/COLOR]


Not a member? You can join up here today: Window Cleaning Association

WOW! That’s all I can say… oh yeah, and you ROCK Chris!

As you can see we started this a month early… I’ve been pretty excited about it… I expect at least 3 bids a day to be posted. We also paid extra for Canadian leads for our up north members.

is this the secret benefit you wouldn’t tell me about??? If so, I forgive you.

Yes, thanks :slight_smile:

Where is the link on the site where these will be posted?

Thank You Chris! This is greatly appreciated by us Canadians!

This is going to prove to be a valuable benefit for sure. Thanks to Chris, and I’m sure others at your office!!

Something like this probably took a few people to get dialed in.


Wow that is awesome thanks!!

Splendid. Thanks for keeping the WCRA so valuable, Chris.

Very cool

What’s an RFP Chris?