New website

Hey guys I just launched our new website. I have caught some grammar errors as well as going to change a couple images out but see what you think.

Looks awsome Mike. I like the vid on the homepage. Was that hard to do? Did you do it yourself? I didnt read it cause I’m post super bowling it, but I will soon.

Would you mind taking a look at my site?

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I like it. I would try and get some pictures with you or your guys in them. People like that warm feeling of people rather than just images and it gives them an idea of what your doing.

This is not my area of expertise. I hired someone to bring my idea to fruition.

That’s awesome Draper. Looks really sharp.

You are right. I need that and my insurance info on there as well so people feel at ease using my services.

I have looked at your site and have a few recomendations as follows,

  1. The banner area on every page should contain where you are located, and every service you offer, and your phone#. Not only useful to the prospect but helps with seo ing I think.

  2. On the pages that you have the para. about check out other svcs page, put a link to contact page there in the text. All pages in my opinion should be super easy to get to contact page(getting people there is what this whole site stuff is about right?) with links in the text. Lets face it people are lazy and I actually had to think about how to contact you for a nano second, many wont spare you this time.

  3. Typo on resi pg screen para it says “no one spot of dirt”, should read “not one spot of dirt”

  4. I feel that you should say more about your insurace and say it on every svc pg too (i have to do this too). This will help put the prospect as ease about contacting you for services.

5.Elaborate on gutter whitening, like its biodegradable(if it is) safe for humans and pets and houses and plants etc.

  1. More about Rain flow is needed in my opinion ie. features and benifits. (I can send some pics if you like)What exactly is your warranty for life? I personnaly offer for 3 years to come out for free, after that there will be a charge, as well as the manufacturers 20 year warranty. Warranty for life sound a little scary to me as a business owner.

All in all I like the sites look and the exspecially the content. Just think these “suggestions” can help the big pictue of what it is all about.

Thanks for your suggestions also, I will be working on that stuff. As well as doing the stuff listed here.

I will take your suggestions under advisement. I have a couple more ideas I want to develop so we will see how it all fits together.