New WFP brush? New to me!

Anyone else try one of these yet ,I have been impressed. I’m not sure that wcr sells them and want to be respectful of our hosts. I mostly use it for modern divided lights (Gardiner).


I have seen these in a few videos I have watched, seems to scrub the sides and edges at the same time.

Is this your main go to head or?

How long have you had it for? What material is it? Scrub power?

It is is my main brush at the moment and I also use the gardiner sill brush often. There a light weight plastic with nylon bristles, so far it’s worked very well. I’ve used it on a number of first cleans by doing a initial scrub and then going back around to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

I use the stiff, hot water, version of this brush with red color bristles. This is hands down, the best brush I have cleaned with so far. My first brush was the basic Unger 10" brush which I used for many years. The second brush came on the free pole that came with my Xero Pure filter system. My third brush was a boars hair brush that wore out way too fast (not cool). Then I started heating my pure water and discovered that most brushes bristles loose their straightness with hot water. The hot water Gardiner sill brush is rated up to 167°F and works fantastic with cold water also. I am currently no longer looking for a brush I am pleased with after two years using this brush. See this brush in action here: On The Job With Clear New View Window Cleaning In Fort Collins, Colorado and Customer Review. - YouTube

@ClearNewView Thanks for sharing your experience with several types of brushes. I found it insightful.

Do you ever work around the Castle Rock or Parker areas? I’m south of that in the Springs and would like to pick your brain about wfp as it’s on my 2023 roadmap to acquire one.

I am currently in the Western Greeley and Ft. Collins area. I am new to this area. Only a few weeks here so far. I am starting marketing now with Quality Resources LLC to get on first page of Google and other popular search engines for my service area now. Should be much busier within 25 days. I got an estimate request from my Yelp profile today which was in Western Greeley area. This is my 11th year as a window cleaning owner/operator. I started using pure water in Spring 2012. If I get another pure water system, I will build my own modular van mounted system and keep a mobile pure water cart as option. I am a big fan of Squeaky Clean Dave in England.