New window cleaner, give me some good sales tactics please :-)

I am an ex-contractor from the upstate new york region. Currently I am in the Atlanta, Ga area. I am a great salesperson when it comes to construction, but I am having a hard time coming up with a good sales tactic for cleaning windows. I would love to hear from the experts on what has worked the best for you. Thank you much and I hope to be hearing from you soon.

Window cleaning is a variable industry. There’s commercial (buildings), residences, and route (storefronts and restaurants, windows on a set schedule). Each has it’s own unique sales strategy. In commercial, you want to emphasize safety and the benefits of maintaining the glass (if they aren’t cleaned regularly, they will permenantly stain). Residences are usually the easiest, people want their homes clean and shiny sparkling windows helps. On route you want to emphasize your reliability. With all the heavy foot traffic they get dirty quick and need to be cleaned often.

Good Luck!

Sales is sales is sales is sales. Do your research and use your already honed sales skills. Your research should begin here. Nice call for starting with a question. Do yourself a favor and look around here for anything you might have a question about. Ask more questions if you can’t find the answer.

Another word of advice; Know thy competition. Don’t degrade them or say a foul word about them. Know where they are. Who they are. Who their customers are. Know them as you know your own business.

Then, offer a better service than they do. Doesn’t have to be [I]bigger[/I]…that will come with time. Just make it [B][U]better[/U][/B] for the customer.

WOW your windows are filthy! give them your price and tell them if they are unsatisfied then its free.

Like Bert said, “Sales is sales…” If you are already a great salesperson then you have that going for you as is. It’s just a different product/service you are now offering. One of the key differences that has worked for me over other sales reps is persistence. I mainly focus on commercial sales for All County, as far as window cleaning goes. You will hear no a lot. There is a lot of competition out there. So be persistent and consistent. Let people know that you can offer a more realiable service and a better quality. Then be a familiar face to them. Show them that you are driven and want to be their window cleaner by constantly making a sales pitch to them. Eventually, if their window cleaner slips a little, they will probably think of “the other guy who is always stopping in.”

Going back to persistence, keep good records of all open estimates/bids left with any potential customer and always follow up on it at least every two weeks. If they took the bid to begin with, there was some sort of interest on their part and you can never let those go by the wayside.

Best of luck and feel free to contact me personally with any questions you may have!

Sales is sales, however there is sales on a micro or macro level. If you are going after builders or property management your efforts are concentrated (micro). If you are going after homeowners than you need a vehicle to reach as many as possible (macro).

Who are your target prospects right now?

If you don’t mind me asking, why do you feel you’re a great salesperson when it comes to construction (to quote you)?

Please be specific.

[SIZE=“1”]I’m trying to help you identify your strengths, not attack you, for the record. :)[/SIZE]