New year new?

What you guys got planned for the new year :slightly_smiling_face:

Convalescing for the month of January and maybe first week or two of February. :frowning:
Had hernia surgery on Wednesday 5th. Pain management is in order, then trying to play catch up when the Doc releases me.

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Feel better!

Building my business to the point I can afford a WFP system and a new vehicle.

I have a base of about 4 solid clients from when I started in October. Going to start some door hangers this week to get some exposure.


Door hangers are great. Some may contact you same day or same week, others in a few weeks or more. So just make it part of your routine of free time to hit new neighborhoods. If it has been a while since you “hung” certain neighborhoods and you get a job from them, take that opportunity to do 10 up one side of the street then 10 up the other side of the street after cleaning the windows. Obviously if you just distributed that neighborhood you would “hang” a different neighborhood. But think about how many times you see the commercial or advertisement daily-weekly-monthly. Follow that and get your presence known often in the areas you have targeted.


Stay in shape with a set of new heavy kettlebells from Rogue.

Stack of new books with my feet up.

10,000 new door hangars ready to go for a new side hustle business that I’ll intertwine with our window cleaning business clients and areas to blend overhead costs.


take rehab and rest serious.
best of luck and hope it did the job for you.


Awesome! What is the new side hustle?

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Oh I do take it serious. This is far more pain then I expected post surgery. Doc says no weight or WFP for at least 4 weeks, maybe longer.

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My resolution is to work harder and make less


10,000 door hangers, holy moly.

if you aren’t broken and broke when the year is over you didn’t live.

@Pure_Water_Window_Cl what books are on your stack?

I’m reading the automatic customer now, with profit first on deck along with Ross Macdonald’s books.

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@Garry wishing you a full recovery.

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So sorry to hear Garry! At least it’s the down time right?

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I spent a year testing parts of the market and went live a month ago. I refill and exchange CO2 cylinders for home beverage machines, paintball, or pet care, etc.

I’m already biking around these mid-rise condo neighborhoods and have blended my list of clients with marketing campaigns.

  • My window cleaning and delivery marketing areas are all one in the same.

  • Transportation expenses now serve two businesses saving tons of money.

  • It’s takes very little effort and has a profit margin just below that of wc’ing.

  • The tiny bit of storage needed is now shared with my wc’ing and my bike garage so this new business piggyback’s off my other businesses.

  • My time wc’ing is now even more profitable because I waste no time traveling. I schedule deliveries on the way to jobs and returning from jobs.

  • It’s very simple to scale up if ever I want to in the future. I have access to a few gangs of bike couriers that can handle the growing volume if needed.


There is a lull just after the holidays, but last January I did excellent! I’ll just have to hit the ground running and use my temp helper a little more often to book enough income.


One day a week of route work through the winter. Little bit of marketing/sales to build the route.

Training for a powerlifting meet on 3/12.
3 books to read for Q1
Hiring new guy

Pushing hard for house wash and roof cleaning to start the year off. First two weeks of march are booked with house washes and roof cleaning.

100 yard signs, 5000 clip flyers (spending the colder days getting them ready).

Website is getting updated through January.

Google ads will start 4/1

Lots of property manager cold calls/emails

Added parking lot line striping to the service list.

Trailer build starts February once I’ve got all materials on hand.


how exactly does one do cold calls with property managers? Do you have a price already in mind, or just trying to get your foot in the door to give them an estimate?

you made me realize that I’m a slacker!
I’ve been kind of going through the motions the last 3 months and need to get my game going again.