New Years Resolution/2016 Goals

I’m not big on New Years Resolutions, but I do love to set goals for myself, and this is the best time of the year for looking ahead and dreaming big.

What are your goals for 2016? What are you going to change?

I haven’t been very active here on the forum or in the FB groups the last year, because of some other things that have had a lot of my attention.

I will be spending more time here on WCR in 2016. I’ve missed this place!

What will your 2016 look like? How will it be different than 2015?

In addition to spending more time here, I’ll share some other goals later.

It will be nice having you roaming the halls of the WCR hallways again!

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I’m not dreaming big so much, I’m really focusing internally.
People who have followed my ramblings for a while know, I “always want to be in growth mode.”
That ‘I’d rather be seeking work than be slammed.’
So that sounds contradictory, but it’s technically not.

I want to add onto that earned/current trust to add on “on the spot.”
Going back to my previous point…
I don’t want to have to say “No, we’re booked/don’t have time” to a request.

I swear, I was just talking about this with someone a couple hours ago.

But it was from a monthly perspective.

  • the beauty of short term goals is that you push for that goal near the end
  • but at ‘each 1st of the month, you start at zero again.’

“Tabula Rasa” :grinning:

J do you have a # or % that you are looking to see substantially improve in 2016?

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Hahaha cool.

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lol. I joke, but I’m barely caught up, still probably around November in gaging things.

… numbers-wise.

I really want to focus on my own development more in 2016. I am going to a Dale Carnegie management course in quarter 1, and just spent $$ on Grant Cardone sales university.


I like that.
It’s almost a quiet satisfaction when we can get to a point of
stepping away from the “snatch and grab”/competition, of it all…

-and just try to actually be a better person/leader/business, in general.


Would love to hear what Cardone U provides at the end of it.

Almost pulled the trigger. But tell myself I am not sheep. Pride maybe? Let me know

Well the thought for me is that for the cost of the holiday sale, 1 or 2 closed jobs will pay for it. And because I dropped out of college to start my business, I feel that investing in my education is always something I should prioritize.


Yeah. I have some really big goals in front of me, business and personally, and they won’t be achieved by “doing the same things harder.”

I have to do some things differently, and that’s what the personal development is really all about.

I am my business’ most valuable resource, so I need to invest in myself.


The main goal for us this year is growth.
Growth meaning what services we can offer
Which in turn will create more value our business offers to the client and vise versa.

Bet that was a good conversation.

My main goal for 2016 is to systematize my business. have effective office people that understand their position and are motivated.

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What I want for 2016:

More organization in my life Personal/Business
Identify and Reach Potential

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