Newbe from Arizona needs help!

first I would like to introduce my self. My name is Adam Young, I’m 35, Married and I live in Queen Creek(about 40 minutes East of Phoenix), Arizona. I have two kids and an amazing wife. I love to Hunt, Fish, Camp, Hike, shooting sports and spend time with my family.

I’m looking at starting a small WC Company to make some money after work. I currently work for the state of Arizona. I’m home early each afternoon and I’m off on weekends. With the poor economy, over time is almost non existant. After reading hundred’s of post’s on this amazing forum I’ve decided I would like to learn more about this buisness. A few days ago I bought some equipment from Home Depot to see if I would like this type of work. I will admit that all the video’s I’ve watched make it look a lot easier than it really is. After practicing for the past few days I’ve gotten much better. The best part is my wife has really loved having all the windows in the house clean. I’ve earned major browne points;) I’ve also discovered that I really love this type of work.

Here is my problem! I really want to become the best window washer that I can be. I know that I can teach my self a lot, but I feel it’s always best to learn from a pro. I’m hoping to find someone local who would be willing to let me shadow for the day or work for them for a few month’s. I’m not planning on making this a full time carreer. I have a wonderfull job with the state and do not inted to quit. I would however like to make some money on the side and start a busness that I could give to my son in a few years for him to run.

I would really appreciate any help you guys have to offer. Feel free to contact me or send me your number and I will give you a call.

Thank you very much,
Adam Young

Love the avatar, Phil!!!

I’d recommend calling Curt Kempton, owner of 5-star window cleaning, who also lives in Cave Creek I believe.

I’ve talked to a few really nice people from this site. I really appreciate everyone’s help. I’m still looking to shadow someone for a few hours or days if possible. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!


I live in Prescott Valley and after 43 years cleaning window I would be happy to help you 865-256-2225 [email protected] call or text any time.