Newbie business owner / Window washer

Hey guys

Gathered a small list of tools for my window cleaning business, so far i have

Ettore mop bucket
ettore Ledge-eze squeege handles (pack of 6)
Ettore 1918 aluminum channel’s with rubber 18"
huck towels
12’ extension pole
ettore tbar
microtiger sleve
can opener
shoe covers
bioclean (not sure where to find in canada yet )
unger scraper

So far this is the list i have gathered for basic window washing, im located in canada so the vendors are limited. Any suggestions on items i should add to my list?

I know the precut channels are more expensive but thats just what im going to use for now until i find a better dealer in canada

I will be branching off to softwashing / powerwashing later this year but i just want to get window cleaning to establish some customers and some experience


Extension ladders, step ladders

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Canada Jon- Welcome to the biz. So, why a six pack of handles? And, is this just a list? I would suggest six inch and twelve in channels too. Bath towels for drops and sops, microfiber for wiping to save hucks. Don’t spend a fortune on stuff unless you have money to “invest.” You can grab some dish soap and go make money with your initial list, but what if you get a window smaller than 18" ?
Also, it’s winter, your going to want non freezing windshield washer fluid for cleaning in freezing temperatures. Have fun, get cold, go make some money. Oh, you might want a cannister vac for inside tracks. And hey, you might want a spray bottle in the mix. How about a window cleaning tool belt, a boab. A regular five gallon bucket is nice to haul stuff until you get a belt. Maybe some totes for towels. Anywho, touch base and let us know how you’re doing. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the response

I got a six pack because from the 18" channels i get, I am going to cut some 12" and 6" and whatever other sizes i will need, im gettin a 12 pack of 18" channels. thats the plan, and i will get some windsheild fluid for sure

Belt bucket
Silicone spray
Battery operated vac (DeWalt is good)
Pry tools for screens, etc
Rubber mallet (cracks painted shut old windows)
5-way painter tool, get a STURDY one
First aid kit!
Hand brush for tracks/sills
Big jug of Dawn
Bath towels (as mentioned), 3
4", 7" brass channels for french windows
14" channel is my favorite for residential, 18" is a bit much

I use a 7’ step ladder, 16’/24’/28’ extension ladders

Xtenda Leg ladder levelers, a MUST

Skip shoe covers, they are dangerously slick…Crocs makes a grippy slip-on shoe, great for indoor ladder work (Neptune I think?).

Two things a new WC must know…read up on tempered glass fines, and don’t scrape interior glass until you KNOW it doesn’t have tint. You’ll thank us later.

BTW what is the can opener for?

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Hello and welcome to the forum! I recommend adding bronze wool.

The info above is a good start. I started just like you basically from zero experience and weeding out how-to videos on YouTube. Basically, everyone has a learning curve when starting out, and that includes what tools work for you best even if no body else uses those tools. What this means is be selective, it’s what makes you innovate and stand a part from the rest in a lot of aspects of your new adventure. I’ve built a couple of businesses in this decade and we’re constantly evolving improving our business. Many of the tools I’ve once bought I realized I don’t need, and some we still use today because they give us the edge.
You may email me directly if you’re interested. I’m not Canadian, but I’m just willing and able to help out a fellow WC serious about their trade.


That is overkill imo, I doubt after 20 years I even have 12 channels.
A 6", 10", 14" and an 18" are all I really use for residential, 22" 30" wide body for larger commercial glass.


Make these a priority