Newbie Needs Help

Hello All! I am new and this is my first posting. I started my own window cleaning business on the advice from a friend who owns his own screen company. I basically didn’t put any time into marketing or trying to get customers would just get his referals whenever he sold a screen job he would try and pitch me to clean their windows. Worked very well however I am wanting to quit my full time job and do this full time. Here comes the dilema.

I started a web site which after looking at several of yours looks like I need to redesign mine. I have gone flyering several times with my buddy (screen guy). I have had a few calls but no real business from this. My buddies screen company is doing well but it seems like they are not getting the windows done anymore. Not sure if he just isn’t pitching it anymore or people are tightining down with there money. Looking for some advice/Ideas. Any would help! I have reached out to other window cleaning companys here in Arizona but none have responded.

Anything on pricing and bidding for commercial would help. I called a couple of close business to see what they were being charged and the one guy said he has a company coming and he pays them 20.00 a visit. Does that seem right? Its a panda express. I know this is a lot sorry in advance.

hey billy im a window cleaner in az . call me any time and will help you wiyh anything i can (623)206-3860

If you lived in my area, I wouldn’t help you…don’t expect much support from your local guys, your competition to them.

Things are tightening up, so you need to go sell MORE!

your website look is fine, just tweak the content. I’m sure you could make it look better…Check out Doug’s SEO E-Book, how to get on page 1 of Google.

Don’t quit your job unless you have a some what steady foundation of accounts…just because you’re tried of working where you are doesn’t mean you need to careless. do this part time and KEEP your full time job. Get busy enough get a part time job and do windows full time. Get enough busy and jump out…

good luck to ya and don’t rely on the “screen dude” for work, go pound the streets!

Thank you! I will take you up on that offer!

wow . willing to help .we arent competiton . some one took the time to help me out . just payn it forward! mgood luck

Hey Billy,

I live in Canada, you live in Arizona, but what we do have in common is cleaning windows. Going to just ask you, do you present yourself in a professional manner when you meet potential clients? Sorry don’t mean to sound like that but really, I wear a black baseball cap, black cargo shorts, black socks, black running shoes, black shirt with my company logo on it, always clean shaven and very courteous. You gotta kinda kiss people’s butts. I started my business on May 1st, 2013 and I already paid off all my start up costs and make more than enough to support the business and pay myself. Self-confidence plays a huge role. If you believe in yourself, so will others. There will always be competition, but just remember, how many pieces of glass (windows) are there in the city where you live? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? First impressions always make the deal. If people like you, then you’re in like flint. Price? Well, tell people you’re not the cheapest but you’re not the most expensive either. Offer your clients 100% Customer Satisfaction. I used to try and get every job I quoted but you have to set a standard. No-one works for free, so why should you? Don’t drop your pants just to get that job. Trust me, I am still learning everyday. Seriously, it’s a great business and you can really make boat loads of cash and have alot of fun doing it. Plus, in Arizona, you’ll have clients year round right? Here in Canada we have a long winter, so business drops or disappears for months. Keep positive and remember , act like a pro, look like a pro, work like a pro and you’ll eventually start having to turn jobs away because you are way too busy. Good Luck brother.


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