Newbie question about WFP

Hi guys I’ve been doing some residential window cleaning for a couple of years using a squeegee and been thinking about getting a WFP. My business is mostly carpet cleaning but I do maybe 10 houses a year for current cc clients without much advertising. It’s not something I push but all my cc clients seem more then willing to hire me to clean their windows and I’m thinking if I pushed it there might be a fair amount of work.

What is involved in setting up an entry level WFP package?

Do you still need to remove screens with WFP?

What are the draw backs to WFP?

This week I went and looked at one of my cc clients window in a huge old house with literally hundreds of wood frame French panes in dubious condition. I told her to call someone else but I was wondering what the most effective way to clean those would be? A WFP and just scrub the whole window? Or are there no free lunches with French windows?

Also I’m curious how most pros charge. I currently charge $3 per pane per side. So a double hung inside and out would be $12. I think I’m maybe highish but since its not really what I’m marketing up till now I figure I may as well make some money if I’m going to do it.

Maybe that’s enough questions! Thanks!

Read the thread I just started below and go into the WFP forum, there is lot’s of info and videos.



Hey welcome -

Im sure folks will jump in and answer most of your questions…

In the mean time…

You should attend the free wfp QA webinar tomm if you have some free time -

Also you may want to download our pure water manual here… its free as well.

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