Newbie saying hello

Hi, my name is Joie and I live in El Dorado County, California.

I ventured and started my own (legit) business a couple of years ago, (due to being laid off) prior to that, many years in administrative type of work. My focus was housekeeping and elder care companion type of work. I got blessed immediately and was hired for 3 days a week, to do light housekeeping and stay with a woman suffering with Alzheimer’s. I was paid very well, which kept my other housekeeping clients down to a very minimum. Last April because her condition became to difficult for her family to continue her home care, she was placed in a facility. I had no notice therefore I immediately lost my income resources, as I did not have the housekeeping accounts to sustain myself.

Being a single Mom with no other support help, time was critical and I had to obtain another job immediately. Now I am doing construction clean up for someone else, for slave wages. I do enjoy it, although very hard work, but I am getting to old to work so hard for so little. I do believe I can build my business back up part time, but … I am becoming very good at windows and I thus far enjoy it. I am sure I can drum up some residential window cleaning jobs.

So … I am thankful to have all of you pros out there, as I do and will have many questions no doubt!

Joie - El Dorado County, CA


welcome…I am new myself, and this place will have all the information you need for the questions you have. You have your foot in the door already…Read all the doorhanger posts…That might be a good place to start.

Welcome Joie

cookie monster

Thanks for the welcomes and tips. I do plan on reading everything possible here. Well I am off to that slave labor job! But … I am using it as an opportunity to learn learn learn. Timing my speeds, noting dilemas. Most of the dilemas and time issues, are because we are not given the proper tools to work with. But I take note of that too as I self discover ways to make my job work better and easier.

Have a Great Day,
Joie - CA


Welcome Joie.
You sound very enthusiastic about window cleaning. I like that!

Welcome Joie!

Hi Joie!
I admire you for having the guts to start out on your own. Especially in this economy! The hardest part is to know when to quit your present job and jump in exclusively into your own gig. Make sure there aren’t any no-compete issues with your present firm. When you can’t do both your own thing and your employers, then it’s time. Kick off an extensive marketing campaign (Yellow pages ads, fliers, etc) to bring in new business. The first months will be the roughest.

Good luck!

Hi Joie (pronounced Joey?).

Welcome aboard !

Jump right on in. Welcome to the best informational site on the web, when it comes to window cleaning :smiley: