Newbies from france

Hello has all my name is franck I am French I am 28 years old and I am going to create my cleaning agency of window in about weeks.
I speak very little English, I use the translator Opposite to write you.

Hey there Frankie…

Good your on board ! I hope everything goes well for you when you start your W/C business ! Will that be in France or here in the U.S. ?


THANK YOU for tone welcome, my activity will be installed(settled) in France.
The metier of washer of window is not very recognized in France. Some person do not know that it is a job(business).



That’s great. You have huge virgin market. Where exactly in France are you located? I was in Belgium for a few years, and my brother was in Paris, I have some good memories from there. And parts that i don’t remember, but i know it was good lol

Hello, the residential work is little developed in France.
I live not very far from valence 26000, good day has all and good cleaning.:cool:

Hello Franck .

Welcome here ! :smiley:

I’m in Brittany ( west of France ) in Lorient .
There’s so much thing to learn here !!!

I wish you the best for your projects in 2013 !

Regards .


Hello Franck,

Bienvenue Ã* WCR! “Le métier” in American English is “craft” or "profession."
Good for you and I wish you the best of luck, especially as many of the wealthy are being driven out of France due to tax hikes!

Sorry, my accents didn’t read correctly in this font.

I confirm, in 10 years mentalities have not changed much.

But, in a French contradiction, the window cleaner becomes the perfect anti-hero in a video game. :laughing:

Future Wars: Adventures in Time, 1989 [Delphine Software]