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Thanks for the responses in advance. As I’ve began window cleaning a relatively short time ago (~200 hrs) I’ve had a few questions come to mind while I’m cleaning.

  1. I’ve noticed streaking a deposits left behind when cleaning in direct sunlight. I’ve read up on how to prevent this (i.e. work fast, clean water, add slip, try to work in shade, etc.) My question is do all the windows I do show these streaks/deposits if sunlight hits them correctly? Sometimes I fear when I do a window in the shade that in the AM sunlight it will show streaks. Any insight here?

  2. Best way to “close out” a window after fanning. My problem spots tend to be the left or right hand corners as I pull the squeegee horizontally towards whichever frame is more anatomically pleasing. The deeper the frame, the more of a problem this tends to be (for obvious reasons). Any recommendations?

  3. Screen cleaning vs. wiping. On customer calls I note that my price includes interior/exterior, wiping down the screens and wiping down the window tracks. I often ponder after a wipe down if a customer would look at it and think “that’s not clean”. There is a difference between wiping and cleaning in my mind, and I don’t want this to come back to haunt me and get a bad review. How do you handle this?

  4. Is there such thing as too much chemicals in your solution? I often take the “glug glug” approach when adding to water. What are your thoughts on this?

  5. In the past I have used a wooden chair from the fast food joint as a makeshift step ladder for some higher panes. I realized this may look unprofessional and will be bringing my 2ft step ladder to all fast food joints from here on out.

  6. Inclement weather/work schedule. In my area, winters are very snowy, windy and cold and can change in less than a day. The next day might be 45F and sunny, bright warm sun. How do you handle customers that you have scheduled and you see 40% chance of snow or rain on the weather report? Do you call and give them warning about the weather before hand? If so, how many days before? Or do you hope for the best and show up in person and offer to do the inside and come back for the outside?

Many more but I don’t want to overload this post, as it likely already is.


  1. yes it is a good indication that this an issue on all
  2. there are lots of ways no single best. there are lots of videos on fanning to get ideas and then practice at home. you can also use your sgueegee backwards to fix corner problem @marcuswindows just did a video on that (tip for watching videos: when you watch one it suggest more, often from the same authour which great but, you should look for a variety so change your search sometimes and make sure you get lots of different youtubers for your education)
  3. you must be clear with your communication so there is no misunderstanding a quick wipe is going to yield a different result and should also have a different price
  4. yes there can be too much, this really depends though on the chem itself. usually window cleaners are trying to get the window clean enough to satisfy the customer and probably the most common chem used is dish soap which is not designed or recommended for cleaning windows.
  5. in general use your own stuff if you have to climb on something you can’t move be sure customer is ok with it
  6. the weather man knows nothing, most of them don’t even look outside. i would only postpone due to significant weather and yes you must phone. i would actually be more likely to do the outside and postpone the inside so i don’t have to come in their house all wet and muddy.
    re 2) and some squeegees are better than others for close out.
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  1. I always give screens and tracks a thorough cleaning. Most of my WC is first time ever or "well, it’s been a while (aka never)). Just be sure to tell the client about your efforts to reinforce the level of service you are providing.

1.) Yes if you notice streaks on sunny panes, you are probably leaving streaks in the shade as well. The good news is the sun can be like a free personal trainer as it will mercilessly point out every single flaw in your technique. Use that feedback to improve.

2.) A shallow angle or even zero angle on your squeegee handle can help you on deep frames. It is important to maintain the same angle of presentation from your rubber to the glass for as long as possible. You might also try closing out to the bottom instead of the side.

3.) Communication is key. As long as the customer understands exactly what you will be doing before you get hired, you shouldn’t run into any problems. It might be wise to give them the choice between a quick wipe and a thorough cleaning, and charge accordingly.

4.) Yes. More chemicals leave more residue on the window when detailing. Don’t fall into the trap of obsessing over your mixture though. Good technique should leave you with little detailing in the first place.

5.) You already know what you’re doing wrong.

6.) I don’t get snow where I live but thunderstorms are common. And I don’t do anything based on the weatherman’s predictions. If the weather looks bad on the actual work day, I will call my customer and explain that I am still willing to do the job and guarantee satisfaction, but if they prefer me to hold off I don’t mind working around the weather either.

If they want you to wait for clear skies there isn’t much you can do. Just comes with the territory.

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Sambo, these are some of the best newbie questions I’ve read!
The fact that you are taking things this seriously is half the battle.
If you are referring to storefront/business customers, you’ll probably find that very few care or even think much about the weather concerning your service. Residential, they usually care greatly.

  1. After you clean a window look at it from different angles, that will usually show you the streaks. Make sure your rubber is not worn out on the edges.
  2. Use a squeegee handle that pivots for deeper frames…dry your problem spot framing first then squeegee…
  3. I tell customer screen wiping comes with the service, if they want them cleaned it is and extre 2 bucks per screen.
  4. I use dawn soap and pour it in until water turns light blue and a couple gulgs of ammonia for dirty outside windows.
  5. use 2ft step ladder or use a pole
  6. most route don[t care…residential care a lot. I usually wait till day of service to cancel, cause weather man is wrong a lot.
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Where are you at sambo?

All great answers. I have nothing to contribute only to learn as everyone else.:slight_smile:

I’m in Colorado. We’re really high!

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Is that a double entendre?

Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

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