Newest creation

My new favorite residential squeegee. Thanks WCR for the parts!

7" ledger with 18" pickle channel and super system quick release and back-plate. This is a straight pulling machine! Not the best for fanning, but awesome for straight pulling. The pickle channel makes it so you don’t have to cut the edges… so clean, I don’t even have to use my scrim.

I have to investigate this . if what your telling me is true . i always fan . but sometimes have to straight pull . and is not pulliing sometimes much quicker and better on your wrists… just ordered a ledger ( s) will try this out when it comes Jesse


Really looks like a proper bought one.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

The super system quick release and back plate would that fit on a wagtail?[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

That way you could switch out squeegee channels quicker.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

And stop the channel from movement as it seems to do after a bit of wear.;)[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]


He Man, Just looked at one of blue line Wagtails (I have). I don’t think a quick release would work, I think it would interfere with the Wagtail movement, also would have to cut and drill the Wagtail to get it to mount. If any one could do it, it would be you.

[SIZE=3]Is it possible to just buy quick release and backing plate separately?

And where?


Maybe a standard channel Herman. Wide body and you would be back to clips, no maybe not. I’ve drilled and tapped Slayers for a center screw to hold the rubber and I’m going to do it to my Ninja’s and get rid of the clips. You may be on to something.

Looks good Jesse.

Thats a really cool looking squeegee Jesse

I think you can Herman, as repair parts. Ask Chris/Alex.
Jesse, did you buy your parts this way?

[SIZE=3]Found an old quick release put it on seems to work OK.

Did a few changes to get it to fit the main thing is that it works.


Way cool Herman, I’m starting to get shivers. Can’t wait to play with this tomorrow.


[SIZE=3]Now before you start to make this.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Should tell you, there are few adjustments that have to be made.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

You will have to use a heat gun as well.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Also modify the handle.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

At the end so it will not be restricted from movement.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

There are a few other things that need to be done as well.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Will try to make something on a video to show you how it was done[/SIZE].</SPAN>:)

I think I see what you mean, I will wait to see what you come up with.
In the mean time we have taken over Jesse’s thread. Post a new one and let’s leave this to the guys that will be doing straight pulls with his nice Ledger idea.

[SIZE=3]Got caught up in it the subject,[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

My apologies to Jesse, and thank you for yet another great idea.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Will post another thread.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]


no worries, I love a good brainstorming tool session.

[COLOR=#333333]Jesse, did you buy your parts this way?[/COLOR]

I could not find “spare parts” for sale on WCR. I got them from another supplier on the net. The quick release needs to be a super system QR, not a “regular” one. The part # is 1391. Type in “ettore 1391” to google and you should get something. I don’t want to put any links up to WCR’s competitors.

I had to use different screws than the one the super system QR kit came with - they were too long. I have a whole junkyard of spare parts nowadays, so I forgot which screws the magic ones came from originally.

[SIZE=3]Thanks Jesse,

While got you and every body here .

[/SIZE][SIZE=4]Just a warning the quick release on the wagtail[U] do not try this.:frowning:

[/U]As found that the plastic on the clamp on the upper side tends to flex to much and loosen.

Nearly have another quick release done that will last and not flex.

When it is done will post a video on what it looks like and how it is made.:)[/SIZE]