NG1010 for scratch and stain protection

Whenever you remove stains or scratches from glass you have made it extremely vulnerable for scratching or more stains to lock on stronger than before. I am starting to experiment with a new sealant designed specifically for glass from a company called Nanovations. It has been tested for a longevity of two years. I have also discovered that it stands up to scratching. And have begun writing articles about it in my blog. All of the contact info is there including a code to use to get a free sample.

I got a sample of that and applied it to my windscreen, it does not protect from chips tho as I now have one in my glass from driving on gravel roads for he past few months.
I have not cleaned my windscreen since I applied it when it rains it gets all clean then it beads I don’t even need to use the wipers to be able to see clearly.

I plan to test it on some shower screens.

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Thanx Steve,

No unfortunately I don’t know of any nano-coating for glass that will protect against chips from small rocks. It does a great job protecting against scratches. I can’t wait to get my video editing software working again so I can show this. Also it does have a longevity rating of two years. And for the new building market it will have a warranty of ten years. Which has already been offered in Australia. Check out the Socar Tower in Australia. I will be writing a post about this project from October 2013. And will be including the warranty on the Glass Smart blog.

Socar Tower AU