Nice Forum

Love the layout… definitely a nice design for the topic. I’m Ken… just a quick hello from the land of pressure washing. I am the owner of PressurePros, Inc and Restore-A-Deck DIY deck cleaning products.

I followed Chris’s link over here from TGS.

Glad to have you here Ken. Looking forward to your posts.

Good to have you Ken. For those who don’t know what [SIZE=3]TGS[/SIZE] is Its the ultimate Pressure Washing Message board. They cover every possible topic imaginable there. Its great!

It’s the first place I go for pressure washing information.

Same here. And, I enjoy getting Beth’s weekly forum updates on Sundays (used to be Thursdays.)

Oh okay, good… then you guys already know it and have probably seen me post there once or twice :rolleyes:

Thanks for the welcome.

Welcome to the board.

Welcome Ken,
Are you from Pennsylvania? If so, what town?

Welcome aboard Ken do you do shopping centers? You will find this board to be most excellent and very comfortable. Chris and Alex do a fantabulous job!

Wasup Ken!!!

Hi Ken :slight_smile:

Can’t get away from me Ken.

TGS isn’t alone guys.
Try these other great Pressure Washing forums also.

Michael, this is the window cleaning BBS I was telling you about this morning.


Oh, and “Hey, Ken.”


I was looking for Contract Cleaner type forums etc… I stumbled upon you here.

Thad and Michael. Do I know you? Mr and Mr Johnny-come-lately.

To answer the above questions:

I am in Havertown which is a western suburb of Philadelphia.

I do primarily residential work. Have done many store fronts but maybe can count on one hand how many shopping centers.