Nice little dual-DI system

Hey guys, last year someone donated this to the people I work with-- I believe it is called CRSpotless DIC-20 system. Anywho, I had used it for a couple months until the resin went out and never really messed with it again. Not a bad little system for free. I eventually picked up a 3/4 cubic foot tank for 50 dollars from my friend who has a WC business and just used that

I ended up changing out the resin in the cartridge system last weekend and fixed some of the in/out hose connections-- and she is back and working great. I am going to convert the system into what the usual DI tanks have-- a riser system-- should get .40-.45 cubic foot after the conversion-- it is .30 for both tubes with the restrictive (and inefficient!) cartridge system. I like the in-line TDS meter, I still double check once a day or so with my handheld meter.

I am glad, now when I order a cubic foot from WCR, I can fill my 3/4th tank and pretty much the CRSpotless tank as well— nice to have as a backup and will go good when we get that 40 foot Xero carbon fiber pole-- now we can use two WFPs and pure water!

I am going to convert it with these risers made from a RV cleaning website–

Also going to use this as a pre-filter from now on-- might be dealing with some chlorine here and there in the water-- will extend the life of my DI resin. Buddy put this together for me, is putting it before his tanks as well.