Nine years ago

Nine years ago right now I was heading to my first shift as dining room manager at an upscale restaurant. I was being transferred from another place owned by the same company because of my experience in fine dining.

I was entirely fed up with the whole industry, and the economic crash back then really put a hurting on the industry as a whole.

I went in and sat in this empty restaurant for 2.5 hours. Literally nobody came in.

Then I noticed that the windows (in this picture) were filthy. The gears in my head started turning, and 20 minutes later I had tendered my resignation. I walked into Home Depot, still in my restaurant manager outfit, and spent my last $100 on a squeegee, stripper, bucket, pole and a few rags. I also got a book of those Avery print-yourself business cards.

The next day I hit the streets selling storefront jobs and made about a half week’s pay in 5 hours. Never looked back after that.

Although its a new restaurant now, with the same owners, I do believe that next year on January 28th I will make a reservation, right next to these windows :wink:



That’s Awesaom Man :+1:

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I like reading stuff like this. I’m a new member but have been following this forum for years. It’s been interesting seeing members once prominent, fade away, new member coming for advice, then becoming leaders here and YouTube Rockstars. I’m glad you made it, your posts have always been positive and helpful.


Very cool story! Good for you! It amazes me how many stories I read on here that describe someone who is fed up with their job and then decide to start a window cleaning business. After what I came from, for me it feels like a miracle.


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Congratulations Chris. Love those kind of stories. Mine was kind of similar as going for it. Obviously no business plan. Invested $43.00 in Jan. 93 at local Janitorial supply. Pre-internet. Had no clue what the heck I was doing. Sold $65.00 of monthly revenue doing storefronts within the first couple days. Grossed $9,500.00 year one. By Year four was at $85,000.00. It has increased every year since. I wont bore you with all the details how I got started. My goal was to do it Part time and make at least $85.00 a month LOL. I like to look back at that guy then and just get a kick out of what all has happened.

But really like to hear those kind of stories from all different industries and service. Cool !!


It is always funny to think back to the first few jobs that you got and how you would not go near a job like that now.


Feelgood story of the milennium :wink:
It seems like more than 9 years, Chris. Time flies!
You’ve accomplished so much since then.


SHHHH … let’s all us ww’ers keep this our little secret amongst us …

@ChrisTripleC Such a great story Chris!

That’s awesome, Chris! I thought you were getting out of window cleaning? I get it! It’s hard to escape once you get in! It’s too good of a business.

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Love it