Ninja Sleeve and T Bar

We have discussed the Ninja squeegee but have you guys used their new sleeve and t bar?

In on this, would like some reviews as well. Unger’s monsoon is not nearly the same quality it used to be, in fact I hate it now. I hope they stepped it back up with this one.

I got me one. Holds a ton of solution. Would be great for route work but for me within homes, could get sloppy. But otherwise a nice sleeve. For my type of work I wish it was a little more aggressive.

Who’s type of work wouldn’t benefit from a more aggressive sleeve? :cool:

I have been using sleeve by one that’s not sold here but looking for one that is sold here.

Yea I was afraid it could get sloppy within a home

True but I was thinking how route work is done more regularly with dust, dirt, pollen, smog where as annual water front homes have the buildup of bugs and bird sh1t. I am always interested in trying new sleeves with trying between 25-30 different ones.

Like the fact they now have 30"