No Bucket Window Cleaning Tote

[SIZE=3]This will hold all the tools at a height that will make it easier to clean the windows. [/SIZE][SIZE=3]
This includes a clip to hold a small extension pole as well.


[/SIZE][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=2]WindowCleanerBloke’s channel - YouTube[/SIZE][/SIZE][HR][/HR][/SIZE]

Does it double as a step ladder?

This looks like it would be great for store front. Do you use it on residential as well?

[SIZE=3]This one is used on homes because it is light to carry around.[/SIZE][SIZE=3]

When it comes to store fronts where there is more cleaning solution to carry around, it would be more taxing on your arms.[/SIZE][SIZE=3]

Have a store version of this also that has wheels.[/SIZE][SIZE=3]

At the moment have to up date it, have had it for number of years now.

[SIZE=2]WindowCleanerBloke’s channel - YouTube

You inspired me Herman! No more bumbling along for storefront! And this telescopic ladder is AMAZING! I was surprised to see the cart stay upright even when the bucket was empty with no water.

The ladder has a velcro strap to keep it collapsed - this strap is used to keep it attached to the cart with an “over the door hook” holding the ladder up. The bag at the top and the bucket are held with zip ties. And the bag is for holding extra tools, biz cards, invoices, etc.

I did think about all those extra clips and holders you put on yours, but figured I didn’t need them. I can put extra squeegees, blades and handles in the bucket and tools in the bag.

Where the pole is leaning, I did install a snap-in clip to keep it in place.

I did also reinforce the rails and wheels with screws. This cart is designed to collapse, and it used to do a very good job at that even when I didn’t want it to!

Very professional looking Garrett. Not a fan of telescopic ladders because of the safety aspect, but what else could you use.

Looks pretty interesting, I have been spending a lot of time lately looking into backpack DI systems so that I can avoid carrying a bucket so much.

Don’t know what size you are looking into, but just remember Water weighs a little over 8lbs. per gallon. I have a 5 gallon backpack, and at 40+ lbs. I never wear it on my back. In fact I have mine strapped to the same cart that Garrett has hooked his bucket to. :slight_smile:
Good job He Man as always at coming up with great ideas and carrying them out. Kudos to you too Garrett at making your own version.

I have something like this that I bought from lowes and seems to be available at costco - A rolling drawer tool box cart with extendable handle. The upper section is removable. I have my cart behind the passenger seat in the jumper seat of my tacoma to store tools and such.

Could fill the top or bottom with your water and have your extra goodies in the other drawers. Maybe modify it to hold your own bucket.