No luck with old hard water stains using bio clean

Had a house with stains on some cut ups. I’ve had bio clean in my truck for a while but never tried it, gave it a shot. I started with magic erasers, then walnut scrubbies, then white scrubbies, then 0000 steel wool. Applying and buffing for a few minutes on a small area. No luck. They are clearly very old stains. I told him I would order some new product and come back and try one window at no cost, if I can clean it off then we can work out a price for the rest. I just ordered some diamond magic, never used it before. The only time I’ve really done stain removal was using cerium oxide with a buffer. Which worked really well but I’m not doing that for these tiny cutups.

Does anyone have any tips for the diamond magic? Is it possible these stains are etched into the glass after many years on there and won’t come out without polishing? I’d like to get them off for him because it’s just a few windows out of hundreds and he’s a really nice guy.

Thanks for the help!

I like Diamond Magic a lot. …, be careful using with steel wool and
using too much pressure… don’t put it on too thin…don’t let it try out.
Sometimes it’s ‘rinse and repeat’. It is possible they are beyond repair with chemicals.
I also really like Mr. Hardwater…

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Thanks good to know, I will be careful. Would a walnut scrubbie pad be less likely to damage than 0000 wool? I’ve only recently added scrubbie pads in. Just want to start with the least abrasive and move up.

White pad and diamond magic is about as tough as I’ll go with stain removal.

If it’s not super gnarly etched on the glass it will come off this way. Anything tougher to remove is not something I even take on anymore.

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Cool thank you, pretty much what I was thinking. It just sucks to tell the customer that you can’t get it off. Looking forward to that sweet sweet diamond dust. But I do like the smell of bio clean.

Once I stopped trying so hard to remove stains beyond my abilities I felt so much less stress.

If it doesn’t come off relatively easy just walk away and always let customers know that restoration is way more intense and $$$ than a window cleaning service.

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Just tell them it’s a restoration job requires a lot of labor , and you don’t do that type of work, or if you want to give it a go tell them youl’ll try , but can’t promise, because you might need a restoration guy.

Lol the next question they’ll ask do you know anyone :woozy_face:


ettore makes a good hard water stain remover

Floridas Cleanest Windows

Back when I used to do residential. Winsol Crystal Clear 550 was my go to. It is caustic and should be applied with rubber gloves. It always did the trick for me.