No more messy window paint!

I have it. Goes on smooth. Dries in 30 minutes. Soap and squeegee right over it. It stays right there. To remove just peel it right off and throw away. No mess! I have the three primary colors I am testing now. Waiting on b&w. Going to do a video of a customer doing Starry Night next week. It will be on my YT channel. But here is a video I did up real quick late Friday night. Tell me what you think.

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Hi Henry

We used a product similar to this - I presume this is for protecting the glass in CCU?

The problem was that the builder calls you back after 6-18 months and the sunlight has baked the substance onto the frames and glass so thoroughly it was incredible.

Does your product have the ability to deal with UV?

You’re the hero we need.

Don’t know about uv endurance. I should set up a test here in NH. We have the biggest ozone hole! This depends on the pigment used. And yes it is similar to the construction protect product. My suggestion would be only get it on glass and remove it in a few months. But again I have not tested. People usually put marketing signs on their windows for a month. Also seasonal paintwork lasts three months.


Thanks too Chin! I am really not loyal to any product. Yes I am helping to sell. But my loyalty goes to the window cleaner. We come first. And education is very important!

Thanks for the reply. Testing sounds like a great idea - once you know what is possible it can become a marketing point.