NO NONSENSE Straight to the Point Videos

NO NONSENSE Straight to the Point Videos.
**NO Adds, NO Introductions, NO BS, NO Promos Just Information.
Window Cleaning Related Using Squeegee Water Fed Poles Techniques
DIY / New Ideas to Make Window Cleaning Easier
Put up these Videos to Help Out People that want to Know How.
Also give my Ideas so to Inspire Others to Help with Their Own Ideas.
Know they Not Always Right but at Least You Know what Doesn’t Work LOL.
And Maybe put your Own Spin on it to Make it Work Better.
Also realize most People Not Real Keen on Seeing Videos with Adds, Introductions, BS, Promos
Before During After Videos.
All Videos here are Actually from our YouTube Channel.
But they are Raw Downloaded Versions Less all the Nonsense.


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