"No Soliciting or Distribution of Literature" Sign question

I have this sign posted in my neighborhood. I have read posts of people still placing flyers in these neighborhoods since they consider it not soliciting sales. What about the distribution of literature part? Is a flyer literature? Maybe I am being stupid. Literature to me means something published, like a book or something educational. What are your thoughts.

It means exactly what it says

Easy fix, mail them!

Supreme Court says door hangers are not solicitation. BUT, if someone posts a sign that reads such as that one, then best to head it. I saw one very small sign next to a door I was about to drop a hanger off to that read “No flyers, door hangers, or printed material of any kind is to be left anywhere on this property.” I just turned away and went to the next property.

One home owner said to me that when no one is at home for days and flyers are left hanging it lets the criminal element know the house is empty and ripe for B & E.

So, there is reasons for it.

no need to cause yourself extra headaches with upset homeowners

Is it on an individuals property? Could it be just one person not wanting you on their property? You could leave em. You know what they say" Its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission". Thats actually bad advice, really. Hmm maybe mailing is a good idea.

Its not a crime til you get caught…
Ignore the signs

He’s leaving something with a phone number on it, won’t be to hard to catch. Find out if there is a HOA , or maybe a weekly newspaper and use your flyer as an insert.

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Sounds like a plan! You ignore their sign and they can ignore your flyer.

Pay $ to advertise. No worries

I hired a direct marketing company to distribute my fliers. They went onto a neighborhood with a similar sign (at me request because it has some high end homes in it). She says the same thing as Garry. It’s not against the law to distribute advertisements. She is not soliciting. Anyway I got 2 jobs in there and a phone call from one irate homeowner who needed to threaten me over the phone. Hope felt better after he hung up on me. In our city the streets are public even in the areas that have those signs. There are a couple developments that have a different color street sign, that that I understand means it is private property. All in all, I will probably mail to those areas to avoid any further hassles.

paint it black and flyer on dag nabbit!!!