No Training Required In Death Of Montreal Window Cleaner

They operate machinery and can work 40 or 50 storeys up in the air, but there are no specific training requirements and they get paid as maintenance people. That’s how industry veteran Jack Colati describes Montreal window washers, one of whom died on Sunday after the crane holding his basket about five floors up tipped over. Read More

Why werent they using an airal lift!!! No one uses these trucks anymore to clean windows .I used to rent an Asplundh truck out but it took so damn long to set up the outriggers was a total waste if time and money…others used bucket trucks but this is back in 90s before lifts became affordable and widely available

Why don’t more companies do rope access?
How often do you hear of rope access accidents compared to lift, swing stage accidents? At least in rope work, you have safety redundancies when done properly and a skilled equipment inspection process. With all due respect to those affected by these recent tragedies, any “dummy” can go into a lift. You rely on a third party to “inspect” and “maintain” your equipment and when it fails, Game Over.
Every rope access job has (should have) an escape plan in place that doesn’t rely on helicopters or the fire department.
I understand that there is a place for lift work but it seems like there’s a lot more accidents lately. I assume that’s from user error either on the technician’s side or the maintenance person.
There’s much more incentive to be safe when every inch of rope and piece of hardware passes through your hands and you understand that a mistake = SPLAT!
I also understand that many misinformed property managers and cities categorically ban rope work.
They are stupid.
But what do I know? I’m just a dumb unskilled window washer / rope jockey.


Great post!!!

Man, I cant even tell ya… I’d tell you search my previous posts,
but it would take too long with the off topic stuff.

But, I often make a point that I hate glass elevators,
but I would be fine hanging from a rope OUTSIDE of it.

Because then I would know that I WAS the one who set up the situation from beginning to end.

Man, I could go on and on, but there are only a few of us who know the viscous circle,
and garbage rules that are pressed upon us, to cater to the inexperienced, CREATED BY the inexperienced.

Which, in turn… hurts/kills the inexperienced.

All that, with a nice “F-you” to anyone who’s actually figured out ‘how shit works.’


well said JfromtheD


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usually 4 reasons for not using the chair:

  1. they dont have chair personnel,training or ability
  2. Lack of roof anchors or anchor points
  3. PM or owner forbade it -probably for reason #2
  4. If it was a construction site the boom truck was already on site and they wanted the glass cleaner to use it
    Again I reiterate why are they using the time consuming truck with outrigger legs when an airial lift wouldve done the job safer and faster?!