No waiver-no work

I hooked up with a cleaning company that does construction clean ups, by accident really. I was doing some research on who was bidding against me on a certain building and his name came up so I called to see if they needed another window cleaner, and if not who were they using (I know most everyones prices). Turns out, he had nobody so he has been asking me to do estimates for him.

Went to this last estimate, a construction clean, 5 stories, will need a lift and the windows are completely TRASHED! So I asked him if he has waivers in place with the builders, and he tells me he dont use them. He says if his people or the sub scratch’s the glass, they or he pays for it.

Now, I wanted this gig. He told me he aint signing ANY waivers and that he has 3 other window cleaners that will do it without waivers. So…I told him that its my company policy that if scrapers are going to be used…gotta have the waiver. Oh well. That would have been the end of my business right on that one job.

I sent him an education packet. I sent him links to dan fields site. He wouldn’t budge.

How do you guys get those waivers signed without them thinking that youre trying to cover yourself for bad workmanship?

I do exactly what you did Tory. Educate them and if they still won’t sign then I walk.
His statement “he or his subs pays for the glass” tells you he’s looking for a scapegoat so he can get paid for the job and let someone else pay for defective glass. It would appear he is using subcontractors instead of a waiver to protect himself. Pretty shady guy if you ask me.
In time he may run out of subs to take the fall for him and then maybe he’ll get exactly what he deserves. I certainly wouldn’t worry about not working for him because you’d end up doing the work and paying the bill for bad glass. No money in that is there?!

He already has a bad rep for not paying people. He owes another window cleaner alot of money. The word is out on this guy.


This guy has no b**ls. If he did, he would educate the General Contractors that he is working for from the get go and have the GENERAL CONTRACTOR sign the waiver. After all, he is the one with the contract, you are a third tier sub. Ultimately and legally, you wouldn’t have much exposure. If he didn’t pay you, you could lien the job and refuse to sign a progressive release. The General Contractor would step up and pay you despite your conflict with the subcontractor because if the General doesn’t get all the releases on the job from all of the subs and suppliers, then the General would not get paid himself.

That is some advice from me to you for the future.

With respect to this particular douche bag, forget it. If he already has the reputation of not paying don’t work for him ever. I have worked for too many idiots that didn’t pay and the frustration level that comes with it is not worth the few dollars that you may make on the job.It will turn a great guy like you into a raving lunatic.

Thanks Brett.