Nobody Looking For Window Cleaning?

So I am wondering why I am not getting more calls from my website… well, nobody is really looking!

All of my keywords (and I have a bunch) for the last 7 days (locally)…

386! That is nothing. Just think of how many of those impressions are bs and window cleaners checking their listing.

Let me give you a comparable search.

House cleaning is around 3000! I have not looked at carpet cleaning but I am sure it is higher yet.

Everyone has windows and nobody is searching, hmmm… scary

Window cleaning remains a tough sell as there are very few actively looking. (it shows that people have less of a need for it) We must be very, very diligent in our marketing and keep putting ourselves in front of them. We must create that need.

at least I need to…

Not to take you off topic… I have noticed NO new competitors in our market. I used to notice dozens new a year.

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bring your checkbook

Yeah, it has been quiet here too… except on craigslist. I am amazed how many companies I have never heard of pop on there with “10 years in business”

yeah, right

I don’t want to say that I’m happy that you guys are having a slow down, but at least it relieves a little bit of pressure of my head, since this month has been “CrappyyyyyyyyyYY” for me, is my 2nd month with this company, and even having the records from last year showing that was crappy back then too, I was freaking out.

July has been worst than January/February for us, I’m gonna have to change that for next year.

Well, according to Chris, he has no new competition, so perhaps he is doing, or will do even better.

Im my area there is about 4000 searches done each month(Google)

You gotta love So cal baby

how do you guys get the numbers. You want to tell me what the searches are for my area?:

New Albany, Ohio

It’ll be nice to learn how to do that :smiley:


Last 7 days- 414 searches (on the rise?)

that is for 14 keywords…

Hi there cfp…that is because you need to put your website name in a better keyword search.people rarely look up plain window cleaning…
I was in a previous profession a web search optimization analyst for google for a few years.So i know a bit about how google works…

their is a clause that the keyword must be relevant according to your websites pages…it gets very technical

I’m only new to window cleaning and will be availing of all your help so maybe for a start i can help you.

if you send me a link to your website i will have a quick overview of it and make some recommendations as to which keywords you require to involve it with aswell as any other thoughts on how you can improve your web page visits.i used to do thi for a living but seeing as i am new here I’ll give yours a shot for nothing.

What do they look up then? :confused:


window cleaning is the #1 search for our business by far. I have 14 keywords/phrases.

but thanks

So what do they look up then? :confused: