NOLA Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Class- COMES TO IOWA!

I am excited to announce a new pressure washing, softwashing, and roof cleaning class in conjunction with the MWWC Event. Micah Kommers, Bob Williamson, and I will show you how to safely and profitably clean houses, buildings, concrete,roofs, and more. Bob will be bringing brand new equipment from Pressure Tek for hands-on demos and training.

For the cost of one average house wash you will be well on your way to making $100+ per hour [I] servicing your existing clients[/I] as well as opening up new revenue streams.

Registration will be up soon for this exciting class. I will post the link here when it is live.
See you in Iowa!

I’d like to say a huge “Thank You” to Thad, Micah, and Bob! From what I’ve heard this was a huge hit at NOLA and I’m looking forward to learning from the best.
Also Thad has agreed to speak Saturday on Residential Sales. So by attending both Friday and Saturday you’ll learn the how to do the work and then how to sell it! Win/Win

That’s great guys. I couldn’t make this class in NOLA cuz of another commitment, but I heard so much good stuff about it from the attendees.

I paid for the class in NOLA, and I recommend it to anyone seeking to expand their revenue stream.

Because I gained insight listening to Micah, Thad, Bob, and Jeremy Kiefer, as well as having hands-on demonstrations (outside in the parking lot), I completed my first house wash yesterday. 2 hours, $200, one elated customer.

Thanks to Micah, Thad, Jeremy, Bob, and all the pressure wash business owners and professionals I networked with in NOLA.

Special thanks to Thad for sharing his softwash setup and that Fugazi record. i love you, man!

You guyz are 'bout to make some mad azz ca$h!

Check out my CL ad I made regarding roof washing. Pretty slick if I do say so myself :slight_smile: Professional Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal & Treatment Lic#AG-L 1019625
I ain’t seen nothin’ yet that can touch it. I posted that last night and got a job this morning from it.

I know they don’t need my help to promote this, but here’s their system at work. I’m convinced.

You guys are going to amaze your customers with the assault of knowledge from these folks.

Since I’ve had the class, I’ve made over $700 on roof washing, paid off the system, and have over $1000 lined up with a few $$$$ bids in the works.

…and I made a website of it :):
Can you tell I’m pretty excited about roof washing? You should be, too!

This is awesome news for all who will attend. I can’t wait!

Great ad and video, Garrett!


Really excited about this opportunity so nearby as I am in WI. Unable to attend in NOLA due to another commitment and I heard I missed something great. I am expanding my power washing division this year and need all the help I can get. Please put me on your list for direct contact ( if possible) and I will be the first to sign up.


John Martin
Waukesha (WI) Window Cleaning and Power Washing
[email protected]

Sure thing, John.

We are working hard on "upping the awesome"on the PW class. We will be building on a solid foundation and adding all of the value we possibly can to this one.

Tony…Thanks for having me at your event. I love attending these events and putting faces with the people I talk with on the phone. Micah and Thad put on a great class in Nola and I’m exciting to be a part of this one. I’m going to build a trailer setup just for this event that will include everything you need for soft washing houses, roofs and concrete cleaning. I’ll even bring some stuff to give away!

Thanks Bob. I’m looking forward to attending the class and getting to know you. It looks to be a great event.

John - Maybe you can attend the Saturday event too. Great info and demos on Saturday.

When will there be more info on this?

Registration will be up soon.

Here is the summary of the last class:

We will be adding a few things in Iowa and have room for more demos.

Thats a nice site Garrett. Good luck with it.

Thanks, Chris. Wordpress makes it pretty easy.

Bob, what kind of rig are you building? Or is it a surprise?

It’s going to be a basic setup for residential work. 6x10 open trailer, 5.5 gpm cold washer, reels, Bandit & 2 50 gallons tanks. One tank is a buffer for the washer the other is a mix tank for the Bandit.

WOW!! Your building that as a door prize?

That would be a great door prize, but no.

Here’s the sign up page - Iowa Pressure Washing Class - Power washing- Eventbrite