Non-Slip shoes for employees good idea?

I was thinking of requiring my employees to wear non-slip shoes at all times on the job sites. Do you all think this would be a good idea? Also I thought about requiring all ladders have a stopper in use at all times. I feel this would help in preventing an accident.

However do you think it would help in say this way.

Say a window cleaner is doing a 2-story house and has to use the ladder. Its early morning and the grass is still a little damp from dew. I figure if he is wearing non-slip shoes and not tenis shoes he will be less likely to slip on the ladder. what do you all think? or are those shoes only good in fast food places

I’ve always worn slip resistant shoes and I’m sure it has saved me a few times. I recommend anyone that works with me to wear them but it’s not mandatory.

It is a safety issue. ALWAYS wear non slip shoes… sneakers , boots whatever.
No sandals, flip flops. Crocs. I have seen ppl washing windows is some of the weirdest looking things. :smiley:

What is your description of a “non-slip” shoe? I suggest to mine guys that they wear a shoe that has an arch in the middle and to stand on ladders with the middle of the foot on the rung. I would think “requiring” them to wear a certain attire that is essential to your companies work would be essentially but not legally your responsibility at least to some degree. For instance, I would think if I were to require my guys to wear certain shoes like Korkers that I would at least offer a sum they use towards the purchase or some type of reimbursement over time.

As far as using stoppers all the time. For me, I can’t see it. While speed isn’t everything it is vital in what you would expect each employee to achieve in time. Using a stopper on every ladder placement would slow down a guy working his way around a house. I have levelers on all my ladders and recently purchased some sectionals and they work great to put you places where other ladders cannot. I use my ladder stopped indoors for all placements with my sectional and outdoors on porches or decks. If the surface below the ladder is dirt or grass I am confident I can secure a ladder placement that I can feel comfortable with.

I do agree though wholeheartedly that ladders are nothing to play with and if using the stopper on every placement makes you feel better about things then go for it!