North Boston Meet

I am planning a Meet somewhere in North Boston where I will show off some of my transformer products. I think anyone that comes will find it very interesting. I am seriously looking for some good feedback too.

Anyone like to come, and what time of week and hour should we do it?


I’m in.

What kind of setting do you need Henry?
Inside? Outside? Glass? Just a meeting room? Restaurant?

The north end is great for lunch. Thursdays or Fridays are good for me around noontime.

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A Thursday at noon would work for me too. Would love a restaurant where we could talk over lunch and have a back room to do some stuff with chems and tools. I came from Saugus so I am somewhat familiar with the area. Remember those Brothers restaurants? And do you remember Augustines on Route 1, that Italian buffet?



I can do 29th but i dont have any stops in Boston for glass or a place like a backroom.