Northern Lite Pole Review

Finally able to take out our new Northern Lite WFP this week and we are super impressed with it!!

A few things noticedso far…
It’s very rigid, even at max height. Everything on it is durable and looks like it will last. The brush is amazing and has great scrubbing power, excellent for getting deep into frames too, I can see why so many people rave about it.

i think one of the biggest benefits of this pole besides quality of build is the fact it can grow with your business. It’s a true 3 story pole and unlike some other poles, it’s upgradable! You can add stories as the need arises.

We’ve saved a ton of time already this week on jobs and customers have been really happy with the results.

If anyone is considering getting into waterfed we highly recommend the Northern Lite!


We also love our northern lite! Like you said a very rigid, high quality pole.


Hey, glad the pole is working out for you! :grinning: