Now Hiring!

I’m located in Worcester county MA, if anyone is looking to learn the trade and get paid while doing so let’s connects.

Also, if you’re looking for some steady sub-contract work in and you’re in the same area let’s talk numbers as well.

Or, maybe you’ve decided owning a business isn’t for you and you’d like to go back to working for someone.

No experience $13/hour while training
Some experience $15/hour
Lead guy/gay $20-$25/hour

Maybe I’ll pay commission based? Not sure just yet.

Bonus pay for helping us grow, getting the work done, OT having call backs

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I second that here in Oakland county Michigan! Looking for a couple full timers


Me three in North Jersey.

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In Chicago and also looking to hire. Starting pay $16 per hour for no experience and up to $27.50 per hour if you have experience to lead a crew.
Also have work to sub to insured reliable crews that have decent work vans and good appearance.

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