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Craig anything new on the fabricating debris front we should ALL be aware of? Please everyone don’t forget to get those waivers signed!

Nothing new…so to speak! Just keep educating those that need & have the right to know,especially…the window cleaners. And let the associations keep hammering Gana!

I’ve been passing out info to every wcer I meet. If fab debris cost one wcer their biz it’s one to many!

What exactly are the associations doing to hammer GANA?

BTW, I had a great discussion with a seventy year old woman today regarding fabricating debris and her new home. She understands the issue, appreciates the education and reading material, agreed to my waiver immediately, and will discuss defects further with her builder and his supplier due she had already identified scratches after the buider’s quick cleaning. Wonderful to have a homeowner on the window cleaner’s side on this important issue.

I think anytime someone tells the truth about fab debris like you did Larry w/ this client it in essence does “hammer” GANA. How? If they are allowed to push their agenda w/out anyone hollering foul then they win. Your examle shows that the issue isn’t hard to understand. Anyone at any age (except infants and small children:D) and any walk of life can understand the problem and who’s to blame. The more truth is spoken the more those speaking falsehood are exposed aka hammered.

Here’s something to ponder boys & girls! Do you think for a minute if (and im just tossing this out) if annealed glass was scratching do you think Gana would be so concerned? The answer HELL NO!

There trying every possible avenue to stop the use of scrapers on there less desirable heat treated glass produced by some of there less desirable fabricators why? Because they know its a problem,that just so happens to be escalating to where its become “unacceptable” plain & simple!!

What do you mean?

Thats exactly what i mean:D they wouldn’t give a hoot! So…why are they trying so hard to discourage the use of scrapers on there less then desirable heat treated glass?

Think!!! Dont be so quick to reply take it in for a minute let it swirl around in that “gray matter” for awhile.

Are you unable to explain?

Re-read it several times if need be! Then draw your conclusion.

Hey – this is a forum! You throw a thought out there for folks, you should probably be able to back it up/put some weight behind it/further the debate/etc.

I know the suspense is killing you:D Basically i gave the answer in one of my replies!

Basically…Gana is trying very hard to discourage the use of scrapers even more so lately then…ever before! So…one has to ask themselves why??

Here’s another question! What is Gana’s sole purpose??

The only thing I was waiting for was good communication. I’ll look elsewhere.

Congratulations – you’ve completed the circle.

QUIZ &QUOTE wrote=llaczko;476]The only thing I was waiting for was good communication. I’ll look elsewhere.

Congratulations – you’ve completed the circle.[/QUOTE]

Now Now…hows one to learn if they were spoon fed at every opportunity?

Give a man a fish and you feed him for today, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. ;):smiley:

I pretty much gave the answer in one of my posts on this thread,so… let me re-phrase it.

Do you think Gana would be going to the extent they are (IF annealed glass) was scratching? I say NO but…why are they so desperate to write BULL etins and trying there hardest to get that info on proper cleaning of heat treated glass(minus the use of scrapers) to the public?

Because its a most obvious problem one they dont want to admit!

Once again…my question is…what do you think Gana’s sole purpose is?

To collect association fees? :confused:LOL…


Ding, ding, ding! You win the cupie doll and lifetime supply of GANA BULLetins!