Now it's going to be really hard to run my busines

Well this afternoon was one interesting afternoon. I will say one of the most interesting in my life. I got RE-ACTIVATED whoo hoo. Great. Well not really. I was not looking to put a uniform back on. But oh well. Seems there is a shortage of soliders in my old unit because they are deployed. They went down the list and guess who was the lucky pick? Next weekend I am to show up at the old JFHQ (Joint Force Head Quarters) and start working. These are active orders so they can put me to work for 12 hours per day, 7 days per week. Good thing is it’s a federal activation and not state. But should be interesting to see how I pull off this year. I am thinking of writing a letter to my customers that I won’t be showing up to clean their home. I have been trying to make the move from cleaner to owner and I guess this is one way to do it lol. I’ll still be in New Jersey and I have been told this re-activation should not be longer then 6 months. The other soliders who have been deployed should be home by then. Well see how it goes. I’ll take pics when I can :slight_smile:

I’ll keep a happy thought for you, Ray.

Thanks Larry. I’m sure you will. It’s not going to be dangerous or anything. I’ll be at my old job. The money is not bad . It’s just boring as hell and dealing with a couple of ****heads more then I would like to. Surely not as bad as what the deployed guys are dealing with.



good luck Ray I hope it all works out for you.

Intensive Customer Service training ?
Good luck Ray and show up here every once in a while.

Oh I’m not running anyplace guys. Like I said I will be staying in state. My job I had was weird at best. It’s a long long story but the only way I would end up in combat is if I signed up for it. Thank everyone for giving your kind words. But as the topic states it should be interesting. The one guy I thought 100% I could count on to be the left hand told me today he was not going to be able to work. I don’t get it. The guy comes over yesterday. I have known him for 30 years, best friend. As close as a brother. He says “man I really need the work. If you can help me with anything that would be great”. My response “Ok no problem, heres the deal. Since you’re like my brother, I’m going to give you 50% and provide you with a full 5 months worth of work part time. 1 job every day from Monday to Friday. You can take my truck and tools.” He says he will think about it? WTF? You just asked me for work. I did not comment other then ok, think about it but I was taken back. He has a full time job now, but it only pays $12 per hour. He busts his butt and his boss is a jerk. But he called me today to tell me, he did not want to drive all the way to my house (it’s 25 mins) and felt it was too far. I almost hit the roof because his current job is 35 minutes away. Also if he worked for me he would average $20 per hour. I don’t get it. This is what I meant by my comment about how fun this is going to be. I think I’m just going to put the ad out and hire someone who I don’t know. I’m sure there will be plenty responses with this economy and I’m sure I can find a good person.

Stay safe and thank you for your service.

He’s probably looking 5 months down the road when the window cleaning job would end. If it were me, I’d rather hold onto a permanent $12/hour job than take a 5 month $20/hour job. The rest of the stuff he said was probably just fluff that he didn’t really mean. Some people have a hard time saying exactly how they feel, and some feel they have to justify things with a whole bunch of excuses. Don’t feel too bad towards him about his decision.

God bless, good luck, and thank you for your service.