Numbering / Labeling Equipment

Hey, we have a lot of equipment that get signed out every day. All of the equipment is numbered but some not so well. My biggest issue is labeling telescopic poles. We are using tape and markers to number them up. For those of you with a lot of equipment being signed out daily, how are you effectively labeling tools? Throw me some ideas, I would like to devise another system before our busy season starts.

Try one of those electric scribing tools they work - a bit of wax crayon over the top makes the reading easier if its new equipment. Try ebay or model makers shops.

I was an Operations Manager for Guitar Center for several years. We did more than 500k in equipment rental a year. I used something similar to this for marking and numbering our rental equipment.

I have an engraving tool I bought many years ago. It makes a loud buzzing sound when applied to the surface. I engrave every tool I have, including squeegee channels

Or you could try these: