Numbness in Thigh Caused by Work Belt

All these years wearing a work belt with a boab has led me to Meralgia paresthetica, or a persistent numbness in my thigh due to the constant constriction from the heavy belt. Picked up some suspenders today. I’m hopeful this will resolve with time.

Just curious how many other guys have run into this.

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I got it too, but thought it was caused by something else. Its my right upper outside thigh area. Feels like it falls asleep right? Then after about an hour of it you gotta sit down cuz it starts to be almost painful right?

For me it hasn’t gotten that bad. Although, when doing lunges at the gym it has that feeling of ripping duct tape off of a hairy patch of skin, only this feels as though it’s an inch under the skin. In must situations, though, it’s just persistent numbness interspersed with intense tingling in the outer thigh.

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Sorry to hear that @walegac

Thank you for mentioning the problem though because it is good to know.

I think I’ll be picking up some suspenders for my work belt too.

I have been doing research into army belts from Flyee Industries - soldiers have a requirement for pouches in all sizes and shapes for my window cleaning EDC and I believe my suppliers will be able to give me padding and suspenders. All the solider gear is waterproof and tough.

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I quit doing glass years ago. Just now getting set up to start again. Not as young as I used to be and have a back issue that could be a challenge. Never got the numbness in the thigh but my back issue is due to a congenital deformity as I’ve been told. Never really appreciate having a back that actually works until it doesn’t. Not like the movies where you just man up and overcome the pain. Nope; you’re not walking for a couple weeks.

For me, what helps the most is keeping my weight down and striving to stretch to stay limber. My weight I can really tell after I get above a certain point. Only makes sense; every step you take the impact of the weight is magnified with the impact on your joints. Simple math really.

That said, when I see cleaners with Bat Man tool belts I have to wonder. Nice to have every conceivable tool right there on the your belt but how much does it cost you on the backend? I use a boab of course, but don’t carry anything but a 14" t-bar/squeegee in it usually. Residential mostly so rarely need a bigger setup. Easier on my back not to carry everything I could possibly need on a belt. Big difference in weight between a wet 14 t-bar and an 18. Keeping my belt light saves my back and reduces the impact of carrying my tools. If you don’t need it don’t carry it. Fanning most residential windows with a 14 is quick enough. The second or two a bigger squeegee might save isn’t much in the overall time it takes to clean a residential window. Store front maybe. But then I’d have a bucket for my bigger tools.

Been thinking about suspenders myself. Might be a good way to distribute the load better. Either way, the less weight to distribute the better.



I wear my BOAB on the back of my leg next to my back pants pocket, like this guy in an Unger training video.

It doesn’t flop around as much as the guy in the video because it’s sewn to my pouch with a sewing awl to keep it snug.

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I’ve been using suspenders for years. Had problems with my belt sliding down and being too tight, the suspenders fixed that.

Interesting. Long term you’re constantly reaching back to get your tools. Repetitive motions add up over time. I can see how that would be a good way to carry it though.

I move my boab while I work myself. If I’m climbing ladders then it’s off to the side towards the back like you describe, but if I’m standing in front of an easy access window I’ll move it to the front so both hands can access the tools without twisting. Since I often use both hands, left t-bar right squeegee at the same time, it’s a lot easier to access my tools if my boab is front/center. I shift it to the side if I’m walking or just doing a window right handed. So the suspender idea sounds good but it’d interfere with how I use my boab.

It’s on my side between the seam on my pants leg and back pocket. Out of the way when I walk. It doesn’t flop against the side of my leg. That was the original problem in the original post. A numb leg.

I believe my BOAB placement on my belt is common on YouTube window washer’s belts. Out of the way but not something I have to twist to reach.

Thanks for the responses.

I’ve had the work-belt suspenders for a couple weeks now and I’m feeling a slow but steady diminishing of the numbness.


Numbness in my thigh was from a bulging disc. Had too get spinal shots too reduce the swelling. Glad they didn’t fully herniate