Nylon Spline Roller Question

What is the most common sizes of spline roller tools for starting out with screen repair? Any help would be great. Thanks

THe $10 Home Depot wood handled roller is our go-to.
Everything else seems to fall apart.

Thanks for the help. I was looking at all of the different ones online and was wanting to see what everyone was using.

Wood handled here, too.
(not sure from HD or not)

Buy from metro screen works or cr Laurence. Wood Handel is fine but if your doing just bug screen you want the plastic type of roller not the metal. The metal roller will cut the screen

Which side cuts the screen, convex or concave?

Not doubting, I just want to know what to look out for…

Neither. U want a concave roller and u want the roller to be the white plastic roller U don’t want the roller to be metal. The metal roller will cut the screen. The roller is the circular disc that pushes the spline into the screen channel

  • I don’t think we are on the same page, here…

The top one has plastic the bottom roller has metal. The metal spline roller is for sun screen or pet screen the plastic is for require fiberglass bug screen. U want a concave roller for screen spline

Thanks for all of the help.

Alright, in a round about way you answered my question.

Which was…
Since you seem to experience “metal rollers cutting the screen”[MENTION=3241]dexter445[/MENTION]
[B]“which side are you experiencing cutting with?”[/B]

Your answer seems to be that “I only use the concave roller side.”

Which is why you have been tearing up screens.
The other side (convex) is to embed the screen

  • so you DON’T cut it with the spleen roller side (concave.)

You wound up switching to plastic, I stuck with the metal.
We both got the same result, apparently, so it’s all good. :cool:

The convex side is for pre rolling screen in the Chanel then u flip ur spline roller and use the concave side to run the spline in. The metal roler cuts bug screen by slicing the screen when your rolling the spline.

Wow thanks for all of the help.

I agree 100% with this. But if your quick you can do it with metal no have no issues.

I posted this in your other thread bigfoot.

These are the best ones. I own each untill i get my Air compressed Swival Arm attachment for my table!


This last one can come in handy if your using really thin mesh or Pet or you are still practicing. Less chance of cutting into mesh.

I’m not sure you DO.
Re-read the thread.

I think I’m finally kind of in agreement with Dexter, for the most part.

  • but I haven’t had any issues with cutting the screen with metal rollers.

I’m not doing the ‘calling people out’ thing.

  • I’m just looking to do the ‘along with Standard Practices’ angle.

I don’t do a lot of screen repair/replace.

More of a back pocket suggestion.
Along the lines of…

This ain’t rocket science. Buy the good rollers like I posted in the pics on the first page of the thread. The “plastic” rollers are not really plastic their a much harder material called delrin. I would buy 2 metal and 2 plastic rollers and go start making some money. I just had $300 bucks in rescreens this week and $2000 in sun screens.

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Thanks for all of the help.