Ode to Scrim

There once was a man they called Jim
Who invented a tool called the scrim

It use was to dry
The design was quite sly

But the chances to purchase were too slim.

But then one day we found Chris
Who by now had everyone ****sed

He and his bro
Were drinking aglow

And their humor was found to be missed.

During this time was a guy
From over the seas he did fly

This little brown tool
That made everyone drool

What a tool that we all could now buy!

And now the story does twist
For the group who before that was ****sed?

They waited too late
To enter the gate

And saw that their chance was now missed.

So to the scrim we salute
And to the ones who pollute

We offer some words of advice
Try and be much more nice.

For you just never know
That those with a ‘show’

May pass your asss during the night.


Scrim $15
3 pack Scrim $40
Poem by Uncle Phil…Priceless…
For everything else theres Window Cleaning Resource .Com


Phil and Alex the poet laureates of WCR!

Brilliant, Phil!

You guys are funny.

Takes one to know one.

I no you are but what am I!:wink:

I am rubber you are glue.

Bounces off me and sticks to you!:wink:

hey chris, mad props on the tok box.com follow up video from my recent purchase, but not so great on the new pink shirts!

Yeah, I got one of those as well, pretty rad huh? I am trying to figure out the best way to implement this idea into my WC biz.

I love the shirts! They are awesome!



Kenny, wold you start a thread about the chamois and explain how you use it?

I stared using a chamois a few weeks ago and frankly that is how I learned about the scrim. Posting my results here Karlos jumped in and we had some dialog and then: BAM! scrim.

I love reading about new tools and since the scrim is my current tool of choice, I’d love to read/hear your way of using a chamois.