Of course

You ever bid something real high so you wouldn’t get the job…and got it?

I just found out a window/gutter job for a complex of 3 story condos wants to go with my company.

If they go contract, I’m selling them some rain-flow and getting a WFP.

This one job is more than I usually make in a month and there are only 9 units.

I bid it high because I didn’t want to be on a ladder 35 feet in the air cleaning gutters.

Any advice on a cleaning those gutters besides the ladder/scoop/bucket system?



I also believe Ionics starting doing a machine in the UK for Gutters. And there is this:


Are the roofs walkable within safety guidelines? If so, use a blower.

Nope, very steep spanish tile.

See my post here : http://windowcleaner.com/vBulletin/showthread.php5?t=83&page=2

This is the job I got.

Cool! that gutter robot I’m into. Less than 200 bucks! I’m so in.

Thanks Karlos.

Yo what about one of these bad boys

Yeah, I’d do that, but there is a REAL GOOD chance I’m gonna have to install some Rain Flow up there also!

You got 2500 feet of Rain Flow to sell me?

sure do