Off the Glass

Hey everyone,
It’s good to see the NBA Playoffs start, and nothing could be better than the Cleveland Cavaliers taking game one in the playoffs…Life is good. Did anyone see L. James’ 3ptnr. “off the glass” [pun intended] at the end of the first half. Have a GREAT DAY everybody !
Just a little lite Repartee’.

Clevelands lucky that Kevin Garnett is injured otherwise the Celtics would be back to back champs

I saw it and it was great! Now if we could get get a football team that can play as a team we might have a decent sports city. The Tribe is starting off slow this year but yesterday showed promise.

Lets go LAKERS

Representing West Coast…

go orlando magic!

Don’t count the Celts out yet. PP & RA are forces to be reckoned with and Rondo is raising his game to all star status.

Go Celtics!

I’m just glad the NHL playoffs are here! Being a life long Chicago fan I would have to say hockey is more important to me now than the NBA. Just hasn’t been the same since Jordan left.

Go Blackhawks!

Oh, that 2nd inning was beautiful. Too bad the Skankees won today.
And I second the “Go Lakers”

You are not serious are you?
Houston Rockets is the team this year! With or without Mcgredy they will win at least West. GO ROCKETS

First off, GO CANUCKS! NHL Playoffs all the way. Second, i think this post should be moved out of marketing and sales and into “Conversation” prehaps… Unless you creative people have a spin on this I haven’t seen

I am totally serious. Oh and Go Bruins. It will be a sweep tonight!

I have a post about experiences with window cleaning posted in “conversation” and it gets moved to a junk catergory at the bottom…

but this stays in the marketing thread?

Soo Sorry to hear that the Lakers lost the other day, but look on the bright side [ as all wc’s do] Cleveland is up 3 and set for the sweep! It would be nice to get a wc’s name in a professional sports arena. :D:D:D