Offer : Paid trip to Montréal in exchange for ALL Production tricks

Hello everybody,

First of all, sorry for my english i am french :).

My name is Mikael and I live in Montréal (Québec) / Canada. I have a pretty big residential services compagnie (about 12500 to 15000 clients per summer with 20x + working teams with 50% being residential windows cleaning). I am pretty good in marketing (can pretty much start any buisness). But here is the thing, i need to upgrade my production to save the most % of profit possible. I know I can look up videos on internet and everything, but I dont have time to do that. So here is what I need :

1 - A passionate window cleaner that is an EXPERT in every way and form in RESIDENTIAL and SMALL COMMERCIAL
2 - Someone that know where i can buy the best equipement for the best price
3 - Someone that know all the tricks of the trade
4 - Have some documentation ready that I would be able to give to my guys (step by step)

Here is my offer :

1 - Paid trip (anywhere in 2018) at Montréal for about 2-3 days
2 - Free marketing tips that i dont mind to give away ONLY if you are from the USA (I plan to expand in all Canada to i cant give my tips to a canadian).
3 - Good time in the bars here in Montréal :slight_smile:

So that about it, i know it a pretty unsual request, but i know that by doing in this and upgrading the quality of my production (i am really not a production guy) i will have more satisfied clients, more happy guys because they are faster and have more tip $$$ from clients and repeat buisness from clients (my satisfaction turns at about 65% at the moment, like i said i manage this buisness like a big buisness, i need a better production cycle).

If you want to reply here you can or else you can email me at my personnal email [email protected]


Nice ad. Hey @Chris, you can have a trip all payed for. :slight_smile:


It would be a lovely holiday, I would think I would be out of the running living down under :smile:
I also think it would require more time than you have allocated, at least 5 solid days if its training of employees that is required, and that would be $600/ day tbh plus airfares and accommodation and meals.

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You believe it would take 5 days only for residential and small commercial (not more than 3 floors 32 feet ladders MAX) ?

I am really looking for mostly information and training of 2x of my production chef and they would pass on the info / training afterwards.

But 5 days may indeed be a good mark, as for how much I would spend per day I still did not think how much I will allocate, that is in the details of the discussion once i find someone that is interested.

Since this is a windows cleaner forum / other services, I was thinking of exchanging my marketing tips (which can work in USA), but this again is open to discussion when talking about details.

Well yeah as I said I assume that you wanted someone from the USA, and I would not qualify as I live in Australia, and alone return airfare would exceed $2000, I’m sure if price is an issue you would prefer someone who’s airfare would be considerably lower.
By your first post I thought I would be training 20 crews(I was thinking 40-60 people), so you would need at least an hour with each person but if its only 2 you want to be trained, it all depends on the current skill and knowledge level these guys already posses.
So what your asking is intensive training for 2 crew leaders who are then to train what they have learned to the crews, providing your guys catch on quickly and absorb the information and pass it on correctly.
I think it were me I would ask your guys to monitor and video and have an external assessment for a about 6 months after to assure employees were adapting to the training, I would love to do this, I have trained over 100 guys over the past 20 years, but have been solo for the past 5, I miss passing on that info personally, I guess its why I frequent here.

But I would be probably too expensive for you( no offense): air fares =$2500+ accom $800 +meals $200+ $600/day(min 5 days).
Good luck and I hope you find the person you are looking for :smile:

Yah pretty sure you are on spot, now lets just see if this post will have any succes, if not my guys will watch videos non-stop…but it never the same thing as on the field training.


I’m only looking to go south this time of year. It was 32 degrees last night at my house in New Jersey. Come back to me with a Flordia offer :slight_smile: BRRR


It’s in the 70s here right now :grin:

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With a high wind advisory at 1 o’clock today.

Wouldn’t your money be better spent making an offer to your two crew leaders, to learn on their own how to be fast?

They are going to train the crews anyway. So make them some kind of offer. Target what speed you want out of them, and formulate that into the compensation you agree to give them.

Your problem will be however, getting your crews to work that fast. The mindset of workers isn’t about making the boss tons of money. Most just want to punch in and punch out and go home with as little work as they have to do in between.

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I was going to offer a free trip to fabulous Los Lunas… but you’d have to pay for your own airfare. Montreal is probably a nicer trip.

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Pay your own way but all the Fry Bread you can eat…