Office Manager

Full believer that the office is the brains and backbone of the business and having the right person there is a huge factor in success.

Had 3 office workers over the last 7 years. One lasted 2 weeks.

Here is where I am at. I want a general up there. Someone to take over, a fresh set of eyes, a fresh mind. Anyone who would not need babysitting wants min 60k yearly and all the bennies.

Anyone made the leap of faith?

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Are you willing and able to pay $60k per year? If not, you kind of answered your own question.

What would be the scope of work for this office manager? If the office manager is really just a glorified receptionist who answers the phone, files some paperwork away, takes no initiative and always needs you to tell her what to do, when to do it, and why to do it that way, $9-$12 an hour is about the going rate for mindless labor.

I believe you would need to look within the industry for this “general.”

They must have the knowledge of what they are walking into, to be worth 60k plus the package from day one.

Is this the direction you want in your post Dave?..

Edit: just re read your post…

Nope. Not even close.


I see where you’re trying to go. If you could find the right person you could focus on more important things like family, sales, and maybe the V-word. Sure hope you can find what you’re looking for. I could use one of those too. Every good business needs someone behind the scenes doing the all important dirty work. Luckily as business owners we get to put all the hats on. Taking one or two off here and there sure would be a treat.


i had a guy that could’ve done it in a heart beat. he had been a manager for large firms around the world, knew business and people. he was in photofinishing for them and me but when he left me he managed a government grant program for window and door upgrading for the government and then on to something else.
the ability to manage is the talent you’re looking for not the ability to clean windows.
this guy new more about how my business worked in one month than i did. he increased sales and profit and lowered costs at the same time.
i don’t agree you need someone from the industry necessarily.


@BlackTieAustin: Able has been my mental road block. As we currently stand, no. However, anyone getting 60k to sit in the office better be able to handle it all. Sure she needs time to learn but for 60k I better be 92% free when in the office and they handle it all.

We’ll see where this goes. New hire orientation Mon-Tues but I know I will have to volley back to her soon. She has not requested that, but at her last positions she was “under-paid” at 60k. Never met anyone who said they were over paid


Is she purely salaried or is there some component that is sales, production, etc incentivized?

pay has not been discussed beyond our 2nd meet and greet.

I would want to incentivizie it. She is wick smart. I am tired of having office workers I have to think for. the new potential knows I will not baby-sit her and she would be in charge.

All of life is a long story. She comes from corporate. I have been selling the heart of small business and shit so far I think she is in.


I will take the job Dave.But i’m not a she


$60k buys a lot of surgery :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


think id want somebody who was disabled in some way. not necessarily physically, im thinking of somebody with problems who just needs a break ,The break. id search locally on facebook for some jobless but thoughtful individual that i could offer a job. the slant theyd give would give your firm the edge over anybody who was just going thru the motions

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I know someone who is the office brains for the partners, she is worth it and they pay her and promote and pay raise her regularly since she is always figuring out stuff and solving big issues for them (an electrician company)

If you have that many guys and that much to take care of in the office it will be a fine investment for you

she will hire and handle her assistants in the office as needed

she will be the office “engineer” for you

they cost, but if you’re at that scale, you need it and it will only help you grow even more

the right person has big vision goals and backs in what needs to be done to meet those goals ($x increase this qtr, $x efficiciency improvement, $x cost reduction stuff like that)

they can use their helpers to call for work, upsells etc, but they wont be marketing people, some sales to achiever goals, but not a marketing personality

the right person will put you in the strosphere, these type A’s love solving problems, love being given the helm and love the competition against themselves, against goals, against the competitors

but the rewards must be there

from your posts you seem at your limit and “over it” regarding many things, getting a GM may be just the answer for you!


How much business a year needs to be coming in to justify having a $60,000 GM?