Official NOLA excuse thread

Ok so while all the cool people are partying in NOLA, what’s your excuse for being lame and not attending?

Mine is having to stay home with my wife who’s having a difficult pregnancy and having three littles at home.

What’s yours?

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I hope your wife feels better. Mine had lots of complications too.

My excuse is simple. I’m poor.

Thanks. It’s not really complications though, just a lot of aches and pains and tired all the time.

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Wish your wife the best Larry

My excuse is I simply don’t have the time with work and other obligations. I guess all I can hope for is that people are willing to share some newly acquired knowledge for us losers :slight_smile:

I’m cheap and anti social. Well cheap anyway. Lol

Too cold to go to the airport

Spending the month of January in florida and was really wanting to go up until just yesterday. But my wife has a terrible sciatic nerve pain affecting her lower back . I was waiting and hoping for her to get better. Spent almost as much $$ at a chiropractor as I would have at NOLA, to try to get her better. I could not leave her alone to take care of two little ones alone.

I still haven’t processed and implemented all I heard a couple years back. Maybe they will record and share the highlights for us?

My dog ate my directions.

Brain surgery.

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My excuse? Vehicle problems: I’m low on turn-signal fluid level. (Dragging hand across face.)

Booked plane ticket but sent me to the wrong airport.

Its warmer in west palm fl. Wheels up at 330

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im in the witness protection program and its against the rules to be there due to blowing my cover…

Simply don’t want to go, how’s that for honesty? I’m sure its a fun event however I have things to do here in San Diego

It’s a lot warmer here at NOLA.

Homeland security won’t let me in the country. I tried to explain that I’m the guy in those ‘Tool Talk’ videos and they said “why do you think you’re on our list???”

My ex girlfriend’s name is Nola. I keep telling my wife that it has nothing to do with her, but she won’t believe me.

The surf sucks in Nola.

Beach in west palm…80 plus

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Im too good!